Italian born designer, Giulia Gomiero,  was born and raised in the Veneto region of Northern Italy on her family's winery.  At the age of ten, she moved to California and brought with her an intense love of her family's heritage and history.  Growing up in the hills of Venice and educated in the United States, Giulia innately understands the Italian culture and unique way of life.  Giulia has traveled the world showcasing her family's wines, her real passion is in designing and creating festive events that bring to life her clients' dreams for their weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or simply special times spent with families and friends.  Her design vision, coupled with an exceptional talent for planning, organizing, and operating  events,  is her key strength and why clients  entrust Giulia with creating memorable events for them year after year.

Giulia's exquisite European style is obvious in her flawless design and event execution. She designs weddings and events both in the United States and Italy. Let Giulia help create an unforgettable Northern Italian experience that flows seamlessly, from communications with partners in transportation, dining and wine tours, to accommodations in unique villas.